Actor, writer, and producer Issa Rae has been dazzling us with her talents since her first digital series, “Misadventures Of Awkward Black Girl,” hit the web. Since its debut in 2011, Issa has gone on to create one of the most talked about Black millennial dramedy’s, Insecure; she has rocked the big screen in “The Hate You Give” and “Little,” and one a slew of awards, most recently the Emerging Entrepreneur honor at the Women In Film awards.

So what’s the key to this media mogul’s success? Drive. Issa spilled all the details during a recent sit down with PopSugar. 

“I always think about what I want to do next,” she said on a recent panel moderated by her friend Amy Aniobi.“I want to be able to create other people’s projects, finance other people’s projects, have a studio, [and] do things outside of entertainment.”

As the 34-year-old continues to progress in the industry, the one thing she doesn’t want is to be put in a box.

“I don’t like being limited,” she explained. “That is my worst nightmare. I want to be able to flex other muscles and see what else I can do.”

Issa Rae

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When it comes to the secret ingredient that gives her relentless ambition its wings, Issa says doubting herself is her biggest motivator.

“Doubting myself is what drives me,” she said. “A part of me hates being underestimated but loves to be underestimated because I’m driven by proving people wrong. That’s the Capricorn in me. ‘Oh, you don’t think I can do this? Let me show you.’ There’s so much fun in that.”

When asked how she would advise a younger version of herself, the boss lady had some very simple advice: chill.

“I would tell her to chill — to stop comparing herself to other people. I compare myself a lot to others. Sometimes, we feel like, ‘Why is that not my opportunity?’ But what’s meant for you is meant for only you. You get anxious. You feel like everybody’s surpassing you, and everybody’s doing better than you are. That’s just not the case. Everybody has their own journey, and your journey is yours.”

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