As Mattel is continuing to show children that #YouCanBeAnything, the company is celebrating the revolutionary #MadamCJWalker.

The historic investment will help create employment opportunities for people of color.

Grab a pen! Here’s your Black-owned, Black Friday list of businesses you should know! While Black people make up just 14% of the population, Black consumer spending is forecasted to break $1.4 Trillion – yes, TRILLION — in 2020, according to a Nielsen report on the power of the Black dollar. Yet Black-owned businesses receive […]

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Check out these five tips that can help improve your credit score.


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You'll want to follow these steps when starting your business.

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Check out the 5 P’s of success to help you enter entrepreneurship with the right mindset.


This year, the two-day event is paying close attention to small businesses. So, you know we had to take things a step further and highlight our favorite small, Black-owned businesses.

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There are probably 100 more reasons to start a business but these top 5 are golden!