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WW Ambassador Ciara Wilson sat down with Oprah Winfrey for a free virtual event named, “Be the Love You Need.”  The 90-minute special was designed to “help people recommit to themselves and create the stronger, healthier life they envision.”

During the chat, Ciara opened up about her weight loss journey after the delivery of her third child, Win.

“With this pregnancy, in particular, I chose to embrace every step of the process,” Ciara told Oprah. “I’m really enjoying my curves. I think my goal may change this go-around versus what I use to want my goal to be. I may want to hold on to five more pounds than I normally would. But because I’m loving where I am, I’m embracing every bit of the process, and it is somewhat a new me.”

Just 18 lbs away from her 48-lbs weight loss goal, the Grammy-award-winning artist is giving herself more grace this time around. She details feeling pressured to snapback after her first two children but taking a gentler approach after baby Win. “I realized sometimes you have to step back, look at where you are, and say, ‘I’m actually doing alright. I love these extra love handles and my hips,’” she said.

Not all women are capable of that automatic snapback like Eniko Hart and Teyana Taylor experienced. Most women have to slowly transition into getting back into shape after having a baby. I’m glad Ciara is being vocal about her experience. Giving herself grace will be a vital part of her continued weight loss journey.

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