Veteran R&B singer Nivea had short-lived success in the music biz during the early 2000s but sadly took a turn in her career that saw the “Danger” vocalist virtually vanish from the game halfway before the decade’s end. In recent years Nivea has opened up about some of the struggles that led to her downfall, particularly in the BET documentary Finding Nivea. Still, her most recent sit-down with Kandi Burruss’ On That Note was indeed an eye-opener into some of the extreme adversities she went through.

While promoting her spot on the new girl group-themed show BET Presents: The Encore, Nivea took Kandi through all the trials and tribulations throughout her career. From escaping a pedophile manager who engaged in a sexual relationship with her as a teen — he was in his 40s — to the roles that famous exes Lil Wayne and The Dream played in making her want to quit music altogether, there was nothing left off the table.

Here’s what Nivea says about Weezy’s broken promises that almost halted her career completely, grabbed from The Root:

“He said, ‘come be with me. I got you,'” Nivea explained. “We was young, we were young, and I think at the time he was one of those guys who wanted to be bigger or a more ‘on top’ person. We were so young.”

She later added, “I got real, real, real, real, real low. I’ll never get that low again, thank you, Lord. I got so low because I was depleted. I had nothing for me. I couldn’t inspire. I couldn’t be optimistic anymore; I couldn’t pump myself back up. I had nothing left.”

We’re rooting for you, Nivea! Watch her full interview with Kandi Burruss for On That Note below, which is sure to make you laugh, cry, get angry, and most definitely be inspired never to give up:


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