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While they might not be together anymore, Nia Riley is opening up about her former relationship with Soulja Boy and the alleged domestic abuse she encountered at the hands of the rapper. She recently sat down with Van Lathan on his Red Pill Podcast to talk about their physical altercation that aired on the latest episode of Marriage Bootcamp: Hip Hop Edition, and more. Watch a snippet of the interview below:

As for the clip she referenced, in the middle of the night, while other cast members were sleeping, the “Pretty Boy Swag” lyricist allegedly accused his ex-girlfriend of “embarrassing him on TV,” reports Hot New Hip Hop, and it only escalated from there. He can be seen standing over top of her and yelling in her face, while she attempted to kick off her, screaming, “Get out! Get the f**k off of me!” The argument was so loud that it woke up others in the house, who quickly came to make everything was okay. Even Tammy Rivera expressing: “We in this together, so I was ready to beat Soulja a** if I had to.” And that’s why you always need a real one by your side in case things go down. Watch below:

Riley explained to Lathan that this reportedly wasn’t the first time he laid hands on her: “I’d say it was pretty bad. I’m not about to post pictures of black eyes on the Internet,” said Riley. “I don’t have to go that far to prove it. I didn’t think they would air that on TV.”

But it was social media that wasn’t so sure if the televised incident was real or not, even accusing the two of faking the whole thing for ratings, which is so sad. Which left Teddy Riley‘s daughter to shut down the lies:


When a person expresses that they’re in an abusive relationship, that shouldn’t be questioned or taken lightly. Let’s believe people the first time. Not being heard the first time around is a big reason a lot of women don’t come forward and tell their side of the story, out of fear of being judged (remember Bill Cosby and R. Kelly victims?)

Listen to the mother of one talk about the evolution of their romance, seeing DeAndre Way’s (Soulja’s real name) rise to fame, and the effect of Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood on her relationship:

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