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Astroworld Festival 2021

Source: Photo by Erika Goldring/WireImage / Getty

Travis Scott has finally broken his silence following the Astroworld Festival that left 10 people dead in November. The rapper spoke out Thursday morning in an interview with media personality Charlamagne Tha God. In the almost hour-long interview, Scott claims he was unaware of any fatalities occurring during the show.

“People pass out, things happen at concerts,” Scott said. “But something like that…”

Scott told Charlamagne that he has been on an “emotional rollercoaster” since the festival that resulted in 10 deaths and hundreds of injuries.

According to Scott, he was unable to see exactly what was going on during the show, but he attempted to help where he could. “Anytime I could see anything like that, I did” he said. “I stopped it a couple times just to make sure everybody was OK.”

Scott told The Breakfast Club host that he relied on “professionals” to keep everything in order during the show. “We just trust the professionals to make sure people are taken care of and leaving safely,” he said. “I just can control what I can on the stage, and you have the professionals control what they can in the crowd. As an artist, it’s hard because you want to have the best shows and you want to have the best experiences, you link with professionals to handle that side of it. You want to know what’s going on and I think that’s what we got to figure out, figure out what happened, how’d it happen.”

The rapper now faces over 140 lawsuits, with the largest totaling up to $2 billion in damages.

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