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Fans are whispering about the dating rumors of Halle Bailey and DDG, who previously dated Rubi Rose. The two were spotted over the weekend at Usher’s concert together.

And there’s a proof, hail social media, there is a 3-second video being circulated with the two sitting together, when an excited Halle turns to DDG and said “oh my god” with a huge smile. DDG slightly bops his head and smiles at Halle’s reaction, while staring at the stage in front of them and holding a cup.


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Neither Halle or DDG posted each other enjoying the outing together. However, DDG did share video footage of Usher performing to his Instagram Story proving he was actually in the building. Usher later shared photos to his Instagram Story featuring the supposed couple backstage. In one photo, DDG wrapped one arm around Halle’s shoulders while throwing up a hand sign with the other. He flashes a smile, while Halle rocks a face mask and seemingly leans into him. Usher stands next to the pair while striking what looks like a moving pose.

DDG dating rumors with Halle for CLEO TV

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The video clip and Usher’s photos did little to curb the dating rumors. In fact, the photos added another layer of discussion and trending moments.