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Meagan Good knew before she dated Devon Franklin, that he would be her husband. God told her so.

While visiting the Tamron Hall Show, the couple talked about their road to the altar, including their choice to practice celibacy and how they started dating. They met four years before Jumping the Broom, the film in which she was an actress, and he was an executive producer. But it wasn’t until they worked on set that Good would get to know him better. The actress, who was coming to an end of a not-so-healthy relationship, remembered being impressed by Franklin.

“I thought, ‘That’s the kind of guy I wish I could marry,'” she told Tamron Hall.

God would later confirm that Franklin was the one as Good was going through a rough time in her life.

“The first thing God told me was that it was time to get out of that relationship,” she said. “The second thing that God told me was that it was time to be celibate. The third thing God told me was that Devon was my husband.”

Good ended her unhealthy relationship and continued working on herself. She wouldn’t go on her first date with Franklin until months later, but she started telling people he was her future husband.

“I started telling friends and family that Devon was my husband and they were like, oh really? Does he know that?”

As for Franklin, he didn’t want to cross the line of dating an actress working on one of his projects. Plus, it was Meagan Good — he felt she was way out of his league. But they’d reconnect at the Jumping the Broom movie premiere, and his perspective would change.

“At the Jumping the Broom premiere, nine months after the movie was done, we started talking, and it felt like, wait, I think Meagan is interested in me,” he said.

“Meanwhile, I told all my girlfriends, I was like, ‘you’re going to meet my husband tonight,'” she responded. “So we’re following him around the party like teenage school girls…We went out two weeks later, and literally, from the time of going out, it was ten months later we were engaged, and two months later we were married.”

During that time, they decided to be celibate, which they admitted wasn’t easy. Franklin shared the power of delayed gratification.

“We had to know our triggers. That means some nights we couldn’t Netflix and chill. We couldn’t do it,” he said. “We had sleepovers, but again, you had to know your boundaries.”

“Some days I’d be weak, she’d be strong. Some days she’d be weak, I’d be strong,” Franklin added. “So it was both of us wanting the same thing, but being okay to let moment by moment dictate what we did in those moments.”


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