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There are so many well-executed music videos that are considered timeless. From the greats of B2K to Souljah Boy, these artists have never fallen short of delivering out-of-the-box visuals.

Here are some of the music videos that we think are most memorable!

1. “Crazy in Love” by Beyoncé ft. Jay-Z

The summer of 2003 was lit!

Beyoncé stepped out into her own, and we saw the beginning of Beyoncé’s reign as one of the most talented artists ever. 

Not to mention, this was the start of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s relationship! Besides, we still know the dance moves.

2. “Crank Dat” by Souljah Boy

This music video and dance LIVED in our minds back in 2007!

Soulja Boy was one of the first rappers to hit record-breaking numbers for getting millions of views on YouTube. His dance and fashion trends swept the nation, creating unforgettable memories for some of us. 

3. “Foolish” by Ashanti

“Foolish” was the first time we were fully introduced to Ashanti as an artist.

The song and the accompanying music video dominated the charts!  From the opening line, we knew an ultimate star was born.

4. “Promise” by Ciara

Our girl Ciara really did it with this music video!

When the music video “Promise” was released, we were all mesmerized by the sultriness of this video.

The music video is memorable that years later, people are now filming themselves doing the same dance moves on TikTok.

5. “Umbrella” by Rihanna

“Umbrella” by Rihanna was such an era!

From her short bob to the fashion, Rihanna was the perfect good girl gone bad!

6. “More Than a Woman” by Aaliyah

The late Aaliyah had us all wowed when “More Than a Woman” dropped.

Taking place in a world inside her motorcycle light full of dance and motorcycle mania, Aaliyah and director Dave Meyers has beautifully captured the essence of the late artist.  

We can’t get enough of this video.

7. “Work It” by Missy Elliott

For the song that made everyone try to speak backward, Missy didn’t hold any punches!

From bees covering her face, looking like a Halle Berry poster, and having b-boys and b-girls posted up, Missy Elliott didn’t disappoint us!

8. “Bootylicious” by Destiny’s Child

Not only did we love Destiny Child’s multiple outfits, but did you know that the group incorporated many of Michael Jackson’s dance moves- into their choreography?


9. “Let Me Hold You” by Bow Wow ft. Omarion

“Let Me Hold You” was memorable for several reasons, but our favorite reason is seeing both Bow Wow and Omarion in their prime.

If you were like us, we know you did the “let me hold you” dance!

10. “Uh Huh” by B2K

When B2K dropped “Uh Huh,” they instantly became a household name.

From the video’s colorful scenery, the choreography, as well as seeing a young Jhene Aiko in the video.  Millennials couldn’t get enough of B2K.

This boy band held us down in the Y2K era, and to this day, B2K will forever get their flowers from countless fans.