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Source: Culture Kitchen / CLEO TV

Plantains like you’ve never seen them before! Smothered in a garlicky orange sauce.


  • Tostones with Garlic Orange Mojo Ingredients
  • 2 medium ripened plantains (mostly yellow with small black speckles)
  • Oil for frying
  • Flaky salt or pink Himalayan sea salt
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  • Garlic Orange Mojo
  • ½ stick butter
  • 6-8 cloves pressed garlic
  • Juice from ½ naval or blood orange
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In a large heavy bottom skillet, heat enough oil for frying until it reaches 350 degrees. Cut the plantains into one inch uniform chunks and fry on each side until golden brown in color, flipping once. You don’t want to cook it too long because you will fry them again. Remove the plantains to a plate to cool slightly. Then using a brown paper bag, wax paper, or plantain masher, mash the fried plantain to a flattened patty. Gently place back into the oil to fry again until golden and crispy. Remove from the oil and transfer to a paper towel-lined plate. Season with salt to taste. Make the Garlic Orange Mojo: in a medium saute pan melt the butter over medium high heat. Add the garlic and lightly brown for roughly 1 minute. Stir in orange juice and cook until flavors are married well, about 2 minutes. Pour the mojo sauce over the tostones or dip the tostones into the sauce. Season with more salt to taste, and enjoy!