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Coco Jones And Pure Leaf Are Creating Firm Boundaries With The Subtly Sweet ‘Hotline’

Coco Jones for Pure Leaf's subtly sweet hotline

Source: Eduardo Figueroa / PepsiCo

Coco Jones knows a thing or two about upholding boundaries. That’s why the singer and actress is collaborating with Pure Leaf to help women find their no, unapologetically.

Jones will serve as the operator of Pure Leaf’s Subtly Sweet “Hotline,” a safe space where women can seek advice on whether they’re being “too sweet.” The Love is War crooner will help fans find a happy medium between the societal pressures of being too nice and upholding boundaries that will preserve their peace.

The Subtly Sweet “Hotline” will launch on Jones’ TikTok channel, where fans will comment everyday scenarios that have them wondering, “am I being too sweet?” Jones will respond with her recommendations that prioritize boundaries over potential people-pleasing habits.

Gone are the days when women would politely smile while compromising themselves to make others happy. More and more women, specifically Black women, are taking their power back to maintain their boundaries. We saw stars like Simone Biles, Naomi Osaka, and Serena Williams say no to things that compromised their mental health, and it set the example of what it means to advocate for yourself.

If you want Coco Jones to find the sweet spot between a comfortable “yes” and a firm “no,” you can submit your scenarios on her TikTok page. In the meantime, check out our interview!



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