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Here’s What You Need To Know On Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023






1. Kevin McCarthy Seeks Leadership of Republican House of Cards


Kevin McCarthy Midterm Election

Source: The Washington Post / Getty


What You Need to Know:

The 118th United States Congress is scheduled to be sworn in Tuesday, with a Republican majority in the House. Congressman Kevin McCarthy led the Republican party to a slim majority in the November midterm elections and now he wants to be Speaker of the House, the position recently vacated by Democrat Nancy Pelosi. McCarthy has been “working” the phones to secure the 218 votes he needs to be elected Speaker.

But McCarthy is running out of time. Time is short as the vote for Speaker is set to take place. As the more than 400 Representatives, many accompanied by family and friends, prepare to be sworn in, Kevin McCarthy is the kink in the chain: The House members cannot be sworn in until a Speaker of the House is chosen. And the man who wants to be Speaker doesn’t appear to have the votes he needs.


2. Longer Procedures Create a Blockage in Nation’s Highest Court’s Mighty Stream



The Supreme Court of the United States...

Source: Anadolu Agency / Getty



What You Need to Know:

Hearings at the nation’s highest court are taking much longer than they used to.

Usually, a small white light tells lawyers their time is almost expired, and then a red light signals when they should stop. However, this term’s arguments at the United States Supreme Court extend well beyond the red light’s cue.

Arguments that usually lasted an hour in the morning have stretched well beyond two, and on many days, it’s long past lunchtime before the court breaks. For example, the longest argument this term so far was a case involving the adoption of Native American children, which ran three hours and 13 minutes.




3. Amid Surge at UNM Hospital, Feds Send Relief for Staff


University of New Mexico Hospital where Halyna Hutchins was pronounced dead

Source: Anadolu Agency / Getty

What You Need to Know:

The federal government is dispatching a medical team to assist the University of New Mexico Children’s Hospital, which has been overwhelmed with patients.

The Albuquerque hospital announced a 14-member disaster response team from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will begin seeing children Saturday.

The medical professionals will include a nurse practitioner, registered nurses, paramedics, and respiratory therapists. They will relieve staff and fill in gaps where needed.


4. Two Elderly Black Women Kicked Off Amtrak Train in Colorado



Amtrak train serviced in Denver, Colorado USA

Source: Robert Alexander / Getty

What You Need to Know:

According to a TikTok post, two elderly Black women who were Amtrak passengers were kicked off a train in Greenfield, Colorado, after their Pomeranian “pooped” on the floor. Although the women cleaned it up immediately, a White male passenger insisted on calling the police and having them removed.

A video captioned “Riding Amtrak while Black” begins with an officer telling two elderly Black women, “They want you off the train, for whatever reason, they want you off the train.” Brent Bell, a White male passenger who recorded the incident, told officers, “Sir, I was a witness to this. They [the other passengers and Amtrak staff] are mistreating them and the dog.” He explained there should be a policy involving dogs on trains and told the officer that the women cleaned up the poop immediately.

5. If You Are Late Saving For Retirement, Don’t Panic. Here’s How to Start!



Blue piggy bank and ears of wheat against the background of 100 American dollars bills

Source: Max Zolotukhin / Getty

What You Need to Know:

If you’re in your 40s or 50s and haven’t saved a penny for retirement, don’t panic. It’s never too late to start saving!

Create a plan that’s achievable and will allow you not to work at some point. You need to consider taxes, what types and mix of investments will maximize your returns, and social security, if you’re eligible. If you decide to seek out professional help, use a fiduciary who’s legally bound to work in your best interest. These steps can help you catch up:

Cut spending to free up cash

You can make small changes like eating out less, buying more sale items, driving less, taking more staycations, or downsizing your home.

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