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Jennifer Hudson is done with R. Kelly

Source: Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU and Prince Williams/WireImage / Getty

Jennifer Hudson has decided she’s done, done.

Per a new report from the AP via the Hollywood Reporterthe 37-year-old Oscar-winning actress and singer went ahead and removed two songs that were written by fellow Chicago native R. Kelly from her streaming catalog on Thursday. That includes a song called “It’s Your World,” which was nominated for a Grammy and that Kelly was featured on from the JHUD album, and her top 10 R&B hit, “Where You At,” from I Remember Me. The official video for the latter track is no longer on YouTube, and the songs are reportedly no longer on Apple (both are still, however, on Tidal).

While Hudson has not spoken about the intensified allegations against Kelly following the release of the Lifetime documentary Surviving R: Kellyby opting out of having songs she worked on with him available for fans, that says a lot.

This is a stark contrast from back in 2014, when they worked together on “It’s Your World.” She talked to FUSE about the effort she put in collaborating with him.

When speaking on the toughest parts about doing the song, Hudson said it included having to study the way he sings to lay down the track.

“To try to duplicate R. Kelly’s vocals,” she said. “‘Cause when he demos something, you don’t want to change a thing. So it’s like, I want every nook, every cranny, every riff…Then the biggest challenge was to sing it an octave up from what he was doing. I was like, ‘Oh no, I can do this.’”

According to the report, Hudson isn’t the only artist who’s decided to be done with or at least not perform R. Kelly-penned and produced hits. Omarion previously said on social media that after B2K finishes reuniting for their Millennium Tour this year, they aren’t going to perform the megahit “Bump, Bump, Bump” again. Syleena Johnson will no longer perform “I Am Your Woman.” And singer Joe told the AP he is done with his hit “More and More,” saying, “No music or intellectual property is worth being inconsiderate to the feelings or pain of others.”

But some people are going to hold onto their hits, and instead, pray for R. Kelly and for everyone involved. That is the case of gospel singer Marvin Sapp, who Kelly wrote “Listen” for, as well as Fantasia Barrino, who has the song “Sleeping With the One I Love” by the self-proclaimed “Pied Piper of R&B.”

“I am a mom and I’ve had the chance to work with him and you know, I got to see a lot of things. I did. So, the best thing my mother always told me is — you have to pray for people,” she told the publication. “You have to pray for them and that’s just what I’m doing now. I’m praying for him and I hope that some things change because I am a mother and it breaks my heart.”

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