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Virginia Williams, Pusha T’s wife, is a beautiful woman with enviable cheekbones married to the man behind everyone’s favorite dope bars, but even she’s affected by modern beauty standards. 

Screenshots obtained by Young, Black, and Fabulous showed Williams responding to an inquiry on her Instagram stories about whether or not it was hard dating a rapper, by writing that she felt like an “oddball” compared to the wives of other hip-hop artists. 

“If I’m being honest, INITIALLY the only thing hard about it was being … ok with being the oddball in the room,” wrote Williams. It was a rare look into her experience in the spotlight as she is more reclusive than most rappers’ partners. 


Williams explained why she felt alienated when she first encountered the spouses of her husband’s peers. “Not looking like a ‘rapper girlfriend/wife.’ I use to feel awkward amongst the women who had a fake ass bodycon dress and cake face, but for a while now I’ve thought I’m way cooler,” she continued. In a land of BBLs, laser hair removal, facial fillers, mommy makeovers, botox, eyebrow tattooing, excessive lash extensions, and ethnic rhinoplasty, it is easy to feel intimidated by the increased commonality of invasive enhancements. 

It was brave of Williams to speak up about what she was going through knowing that the internet, and a few salty Drake fans, might drag her for it. But she could have done that without shading women who might feel like “oddballs” themselves. 

The expectation that the wife of a talented and successful man should be spilling out of her Balmain mini dress with a face made up to withstand Hurricane Sandy level winds is a worthy conversation but by shading the Dr. Miami dopplegangers, the story became about body shaming instead of beauty standards. 

Women like  Angela White, and even Nicki Minaj have shared their difficult experiences with plastic surgery and the insecurities that led to their decision. People decide to go under the knife and needle for a number of different reasons but their humanity does not evaporate with that choice. They still deserve grace. 

Mocking people who have conformed to ideal beauty standards leaves less room for them to speak up about their own challenges and it’s not the coolest thing to do. 

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Pusha T’s Wife, Virginia Williams, Reveals She Felt Like An ‘Oddball’ Compared To Other Rappers’ Wives  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com