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Jess Hilarious

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Jess Hilarious has taken the clap back a little too far. After a social media user took a comment war he was having with the comedian on Instagram from The Shade Room’s account to her personal page, things got a little out of control. He insinuated that Jess didn’t make enough money, which is why she has to comment on the entertainment site’s post.


Her reaction to his statement was where the real issue began: “Yea, imagine it f*ggot,” she said. Now, it’s easy to say that what’s on our mind comes out in what we say, but if that’s the first thing on your mind, then there’s a bigger problem. Hate speech in any form is not okay and stems from a place of discontent or insecurity in one’s own life. An apology for your words is good, but actions prove to be greater.

And the Rel star did apologize. Watch below:

“As sensitive as the world is today, that word still should not have been used,” she said in her Instagram post. “If you think you can say anything to me, and think I won’t clap back to you, that’s just wrong. I am sorry. I apologize to the LGBTQ community. That’s like 70-percent of my fan base. If you go your way and cancel me, I’m sorry. I understand how you feel…But y’all have to treat people how you want to be treated. I’m a grown woman, and I can totally admit when I’m wrong, and that was wrong, and I’m sincerely sorry. But please consider that y’all might hurt people’s feelings too. I’ll never say it again, but let’s respect each other, please.”

Now, her acknowledgment of the situation and her part in it is one thing, but what she expressed in the video sounds more like projecting the blame onto other people. Yes, there’s right and wrong, but hurt people, hurt people. Someone has to be the bigger person. She didn’t even have to comment from the beginning. Not everything is worthy of a reply. And that’s not letting it slide, it’s putting ego aside to stop the perpetuation of a problem that could get ugly, like this one.

Treating each other with respect is the goal, but sometimes we have to check our own motives and actions too.

TELL US: Do you think her response was right?

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