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Ajiona Alexus for Lifetime Black music month

Source: Theresa Black / Theresa Black

Lifetime’s forthcoming “Voices of a Lifetime” produced amazing films for Black Music Month that highlight iconic talent from our generation. They kicked the month off with the 2-hour documentary, TLC Forever, and will conclude the month with the I Am Keyshia Cole Biopic.

On Saturday, June 10, the network premiered Mary J Blige’s Real Love. Blige served as the executive producer of Real Love and Strength of a Woman, inspired by the icon’s music.

The film follows Kendra (played by Ajiona Alexus), an ambitious 18-year-old with an adoration for photography. She heads to an HBCU on a scholarship for her freshman year, determined to uphold her rigid plan to study and work her way through college. But when she crosses paths with Ben (played by Da’vinchi), she gets derailed in more ways than one.

Ajiona Alexus for Lifetime Black music month

Source: Theresa Black / Theresa Black

Kendra lets her guard down and dates Ben, but she calls it quits when it affects her grades and work-study. Ben distracts himself with another woman while Kendra tries to pick up the pieces of her academic year and a sexual assault that happens during a study date. As she recovers from the incident, she decides to take a chance and apply for a prestigious photography program in another state. Although Ben and Kendra reconcile, it is short-lived due to the “oops baby” he has on the way, thanks to his little fling during their breakup.

Kendra’s tumultuous journey showed the strength and resilience of a woman. She attends school in Chicago, and Ben begins his life as a dad. The story ends – or so we thought. Strength of a Woman picks up where Real Love left off 15 years later.

Strength of a Woman

“It was a challenge, but it was also really fun,” Ajiona Alexus says as she describes the 15-year gap of Real World and Strength of a Woman an interview with 107.9 The Beat.

“I definitely took time to make that transition, knowing that it would be a 15-year gap difference, and so I focused a lot on body movement, placement of my feelings and emotions. Knowing that, it’s not the whining Kendra, it’s the assured Kendra,” she continues.

Strength of a Woman pick up 15 years later. Kendra is a successful photographer married to a doctor. And true to her character in Real Love, the tenacious 30-something wants more for herself. She’s looking for fulfillment in her personal life as well as her career. She crosses paths with Ben during a pivotal moment in her life. Will their love transcend? Or is it the end of the road for this couple? You can find out this Saturday, June 17 at 8pm.

The chemistry of Real Love

The chemistry between Alexis and Da’Vinchi was undeniable. They brought life to their characters in a way that make you a believer of “love at first sight.” “We had so much fun. I’m actually happy it was him because we already had a rapport and chemistry built from before. For me at least it was kind of hard to get into the lover mode of like, now we gotta be kissing on each other for two months? But I think overall it works and both love our art and our craft and what we do,” she tells Purposely Bossing Up.

Ajiona Alexus for Lifetime Black music month

Source: Theresa Black / Theresa Black

“Everyone just had fun watching us on set. Before they met us they were like, ‘Did y’all know each other? Like, ya’ll just have this thing’ so you know me and him, we are definitely just like Kobe and Shaq- I’m glad it was him,” she continued.

Be sure to watch the second half of Kendra’s love story Saturday at 8pm on Lifetime.


Lifetime Presents ‘VOICES OF A LIFETIME’ for Black Music Month Honoring TLC, Mary J. Blige and Keyshia Cole

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