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DTLR fashion showcase

Source: DTLR / DTLR

Consumers have thousands of clothing options to choose from when it comes to lifestyle fashion retailers. From putting together a pair of denim jeans and graphic t-shirts to pairing your look with chic sneakers and a trucker hat, lifestyle fashion is what you make it. The goal is to embody a culture and help people express themselves in a unique way.

Popular retailers such as SHEIN, Nike, Zara, and Asos capture all the trends and continue to evolve and change by the season. One brand, in particular, reminds the world of its relevance and influence in the fashion industry.

DTLR’s Fall Fashion Showcase

On June 11th, HelloBeautiful was invited to attend DTLR’s Fall Fashion Showcase in Atlanta, Georgia. With celebrity hosts, bold brands, and music performances, the fashion show perfectly combined culture and inspiration. If you are not familiar with DTLR, here is your chance. DTLR was founded in Hanover, Baltimore, in 1983. The founders, Richard Levin and Tony Trauntas, created a space for street-inspired footwear, apparel, and accessories. As the retailer celebrates their 40th anniversary, DTLR (previously known as Downtown Locker Room) has a mission to promote fashion and community outreach.

DTLR fashion showcase

Source: DTLR / DTLR

Fashion trends come in cycles. A style that was considered cool in the 1970s can easily be considered vintage or timeless in 2023. During the fashion show, hosts Yung Joc and Tiara Laniece took us on a nostalgic ride down memory lane. The attendees were introduced to looks from the 1980s to the latter 2000s. What a way to commemorate the last 40 years in business.

The models wore tracksuits, sports apparel, cargos, stylish tees, sneakers, trucker hats, and more. The brands that rocked on the runway were True Religion, Ed Hardy, Billionaire Boys Club, RAW, Hugo, Goorin Bros, New Balance, JAVI, Nike Air Max, and Jordan.

DTLR fashion showcase

Source: DTLR / DTLR

Since the beginning, DTLR has not only displayed brands to larger markets but has helped BIPOC brands grow as well. Even after several decades, the retailer gives brands a platform to share their mission with those who may not have known them otherwise. According to the CEO of JAVI, a footwear brand inspired by Latin pop culture, DTLR has been an integral part of the brand’s trajectory. “They are such a great company to work with, and our products sell really well. We do all of our designs in-house and put a lot of passion into creating quality products. I want our shoes to be the solution to a great match up to their everyday outfits. A perfect combination of incredible and complicated designs.” Javier Santana stated.

Another brand that has been a partner with the lifestyle retailer is Goorin Bros. Goorin Bros provides premium headpieces from Fedoras to trucker hats, bucket hats, and more. I don’t know about you, but completing an outfit with a signature piece that aesthetically ties everything together is such a great feeling. B2B Marketing Manager of Goorin Bros, Nicky Cutler, agrees.

“I like to be a part of something that is changing the game. I want to have pieces in my wardrobe that no one really has. Whether casual to high fashion, I will rock a trucker hat with a suit or a trucker hat with joggers. It’s a low-brow and low-cost fashionable item anyone can wear.” Cutler expressed.

DTLR fashion showcase

Source: DTLR / DTLR

Overall, the mixture of old-school and current urban fashion trends was the highlight and the wonderful ode to streetwear fashion that everyone needed at the showcase.

“I loved the fashion show. With everything, they really shut it down. For me, in fashion, It’s about finding a piece that makes you feel comfortable, confident and makes you stand out. You can conquer the world with that.” attendee Francesca Voltaire shared.

As we enjoy the summertime and analyze our closets for the next couple of months, what pieces stand out to you? Are you someone who likes to wear something bold that motivates your mood? What I love about streetwear fashion, as a Black woman, is that it gives you a sense of power and permission to be multi-hyphenated. If there is one thing I took away from this showcase is that women can wear their heels and dunks or slay a dress as well as athleisure. Whatever the fit, it should tell your story the right way, in different forms, at all times.


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