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At age 26, Shenseea is living the extravagant life of a Dancehall Queen. When the Jamaican native isn’t cheffing it up in the kitchen and documenting it for her 3.8 million TikTok fans, she’s blessing us with the duttiest of dutty whines.

The singer, who began to generate buzz due to her features with Vybez Cartel, Sean Paul, and more, dominates the reggae space with her sultry lyrics, hypnotic waistline, and extensive bikini collection. She’s in her prime regarding her career, but you’d never know it. Shenseea has star power, and she’s just getting started.

In an exclusive interview with HelloBeautiful, the Dancehall Queen talks about managing her profession and motherhood, how the loss of her mom impacted her career, and her latest partnership with Captain Morgan.

HB: You’re coming to Jamaica, Queens the Vita Coco Spiked with Captain Morgan Tropical Takeover tour. How does it feel to bring the tropics to New York City?

Shenseea X Captain Morgan

Source: Courtesy of Captain Morgan / Courtesy of Captain Morgan

Shenseea: I feel excited because there are a lot of Caribbean people in Queens, so I feel like this project will fit right in. I’m excited to see the turnout and to see what it brings.

HB: Tell me more about the tour. You have some great people accompanying you.

Shenseea: Sean Paul is one of them, and Myke Towers, who I recently worked with. I’m looking forward to meeting him in person. I’ve never seen him in person either, so I’m pretty sure we’re gonna shut it down.

HB: I want to get into your wardrobe for this tour because we know you love to get dressed and you’re into putting on a show. What can we expect?

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Shenseea: I’m looking forward to showing a bit of skin. Not too much, but I like to feel free when I’m performing, so I have to be fully comfortable where my legs can go up. And I’m gonna be doing a little bit of choreography. I’m going to have a high energy because the Captain Morgan drink will be on deck.

HB: You have such a huge following, a big career, and you’re also a mother. How do you juggle your demanding career and motherhood?

Shenseea: It’s all about balance. When I find out I’ll get really busy, I try to fly my son out to wherever I am. It’s not that hard, especially since my son supports me. I talk to him two or three times per day – thank God for technology. We have our bond, nonetheless, whether I’m a thousand miles away or right there. I take time off sometimes to just be with him and let him enjoy himself.

HB: How does your son feel about the music you make and how you perform? I think in the West Indies, we are used to skin. And nudity in the States is a little different. Not that you’re nude, but showing skin in the States is a little different. How does he view it?

Shenseea: He is more conscious of my dancing than me showing skin. He doesn’t bother me about that at all. When I’m dancing, like I’m twerking, he would say, ‘Oh, Mom, stop it.’ That’s the only time I see him complain. Apart from that, he’s super supportive. He even will come on stage with me to sing. I’m just here living my best life with his permission.

HB: You lost your mom a few years ago. How has that impacted your career?

 Shenseea: I was speaking to somebody the other day, and they said something interesting to me that I can’t forget it. They said my mom died to pave the way for me. I didn’t understand. If anything, I would want my mom on this journey with me. Looking at it from that angle, when my mom died, that’s what gave me the courage to say I am ready to take the next step in my career. This is what I’ve always wanted. And I never felt so sure about the time to pursue it until now. It’s almost like when she died, she woke me up, honestly speaking. That’s when I got up and said I’m moving to the States and chasing this goal I’ve wanted for a long time. I always said that I wanted to go international five years into my career, which was the year my mom died.

HB: What has your transition to the states been like?

Shenseea: It’s hard because I have to adjust. I don’t know many people here either, so it’s like starting over from scratch. I still enjoy it because it’s motivation; it’s something new. It is hard, but as I said, it will all be worth it – I can see the progress already.

You can catch Shenseea on the Vita Coco Spiked with Captain Morgan Tropical Takeover Tour on June 28th in Jamaica, Queens. Tour stops are open to consumers aged 21+ by RSVP only. Space is limited and RSVPs are first come, first serve so you should register here.


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