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H.E.R. is finally living out her dreams. When she couldn’t fall asleep, as a little girl, the singer would lay awake at night and replay her acceptance speech over and over in her mind. We’ve all been there for whatever award we were accepting, an Oscar, Nobel Prize, or anything in between, but for the 21-year-old, her hope could soon be a reality. She’s currently nominated for five Grammys, including Best New Artist and Album of the Year.

“I was talking about how two years ago…I made a vision board, and I put down all these goals,” she told Gayle King. “A Grammy nomination was on there. But now I have five. And it’s like, wow, the power of really seeing what your life can be, and making that vision come to life is just — it’s crazy.”

Talk about writing the vision, and making it plain! But she’s still in disbelief at how her aspirations are falling in line: “So many feelings at once! Honestly, you know, all my hard work has paid off for the past 10 years of my life,” she told EBONY. “My whole life I’ve been embraced by all these people around me as far as my challenge. Everybody has seen this light in me. Music is just in me and I didn’t even realize it early on that I was going to do music. So this is just like poof that I’m fulfilling my purpose.”

The “Could’ve Been” songstress has a multi-episode series on YouTube that records her journey on how she got to this point. Check out the latest episode below:

And for Gabriella Wilson (real name), time plays a huge factor in this defining moment of her career: “It’s all about timing. I knew I had to stay the path and everything happens for a reason,” reports EBONY. “A lot of the people who weren’t with me in the beginning, who didn’t believe me, are looking at me now like, man, I wish I was part of that. I wish I believe in that. Or they’re looking at it like, Oh yeah, I knew all along, but really they didn’t. I look back at it now, like, wow, everything happens for a reason.”

If you didn’t know, her alias, H.E.R. stands for “Having Everything Revealed,” which is what the California native truly does in her music. She lays it all out on the table for everyone to hear: the good, the bad, and the real.

“Having Everything Revealed was helping somebody else discover their truth,” she said. “That’s what it’s turned into, even though it was very consulting, it was very personal for me. Now it’s become something bigger every day, like my purpose is becoming greater and I’m impacting more people because of my name, H.E.R, because of the fact that not being a face, not having to compare yourself to anyone’s physical features or even for my name or ethnicity or any of those things. Being able to just listen to the music and the words that I’m saying. Just listening to that purely and putting yourself in those shoes, like hearing the music and saying “I feel like this is me, this is my life, this is my diary.”

TELL US: How many Grammys do you think H.E.R. will be taking home this weekend?

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