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If you didn’t know, Michael B. Jordan recently celebrated his 32nd birthday, and it was nothing short of lit. The actor partied with Drake, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, his family, and closest friends on his big day, but he also let us in on what he does during his spare time. Not only can he play a mean villain, but he can make a delicious cocktail, too.

In the midst of his party, he hosted an exclusive mixology lab with BACARDÍ, which featured their Premium Rum Portfolio, including a drink called the King Cuarto, which was inspired by “Black Panther.”

According to the “Creed II” star his love for rum didn’t start with his ongoing partnership with the liquor brand, but with helping his grandmother in the kitchen: “Rum cakes are kind of traditional in my family, so my grandmother made a lot of homemade ones when I was growing up,” he told BET. “I was like her muscle—I used to help her bring in her groceries, and I just remember bringing in these jugs of Bacardi Gold rum for her and helping her make them as a kid. That was kind of like my first introduction to rum. I’d taste the glaze and the sauce and be like, Oh, man, what’s that flavor? I mean, obviously she’d cook it down, and there was all this sugar and butter, but it was so amazing.”

And that time is probably what led him to become a co-owner of a new rum bar, Las’ Lap, on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Imagine if you took a moment or tradition that was meaningful to you in your childhood, and used it to fuel your passion as an adult? There would be so much less competition and worry about taking the “right” path, and more focus on pursuing what sets your heart on fire. More people would actually enjoy what they’re doing, as opposed to feeling obligated to pick a career or make a major life decision.

“Fast forward however many years now, my best friends and I were thinking of doing some kind of investing and we wanted to do a venture together,” he said. “We were like, ‘Let’s do a rum bar.’ There’s tequila, there’s vodka—all these other spirits that are more popular and hype around…I’m trying to do my own thing. We just kind of doubled down and invested in rum. It just so happened that I did a collaboration with Bacardi to direct one of their commercial spots for their new premium rum. For me, it’s just letting things fall in place. I try to stay out of my own way so this kind of worked out.” Watch the ad below:

With his directorial debut for “The Stars Beneath Our Feet” in development, and digging deeper into producing films, Jordan hasn’t forgotten the moments who’ve made him who he is. He stayed in his lane, used his natural interest to bring in some extra cash, and that’s how it should be.

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