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Meg the Stallion officially broke her silence in an Instagram Live on July 27 following her shooting injury. The rapper spoke candidly to fans following the incident in which Tory Lanez shot her in the feet.

While details surrounding the altercation remain unclear, Meg wanted to update fans on her current state. In an emotional IG Live, Megan discussed the traumatic incident. “I was shot in both of my feet, and I had to get surgery to get the sh*t taken out, get the bullets taken out, and it was super scary,” she recalled.


Her guardian angels — her mother, father, and grandmother — were there to protect her. Although the injury was bad, she was thankful that the bullets didn’t break any bones or tendons. “I know my momma and my daddy, my granny had to be looking out for me with that one ’cause where the bullets hit at, it missed everything,” she noted.

Losing her parents and her grandmother is something Meg is still recovering from. On the live, she shed tears as she talked about filling the void of her mother’s death with people. “Imagine being 25 and you don’t have both of your parents — my momma was my best friend, you know, I’m still really not over that — so you gotta try to fill your space with a bunch of people that you think is making you happy,” she stated.

Since the incident, celebrities showed their love and support to Meg via social media. But some, in poor taste, decided to poke fun at her and the situation. Draya Michele came under fire for romanticizing domestic violence. In an interview, she joked, “I predict that they had some sort of Bobby and Whitney love that drove them down this type of road. I’m here for it. I like that.” To add insult to injury she added, “I want you to like me so much you shoot me in the foot too.”

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Rapper Cam’ron reposted a meme that insinuated Meg the Stallion had a man’s genitals, and that was the reason Tory Lanez pulled a gun on her. And, what’s a controversy without commentary from 50 Cent? The rapper reposted a meme that re-enacted the scene from Boyz In The Hood where Rickey gets shot. Rickey’s face was replaced with Meg’s.


Meg spoke on the jokes and negative comments saying, “I ain’t never seen so many grown a** motherf**ing men chime in on some sh*t that wasn’t they motherf**ing business in the first motherf**ing place. Like, do y’all n**as just wake up and get on the internet and be like, ‘Oh, I’mma say this today because this gon’ give me some likes, this gon’ be funny?”’

Meg ended her IG Live assuring fans that she’s still that “hot girl” that fans have come to know her to be. “I just wanted y’all to know a b*tch is alive and well and strong as f*ck. And I’m ready to get back to regular programming with my own hot girl sh*t,” she said. “I’ve definitely learned that I don’t have to be so nice to every motherf**ing body. This ain’t gon’ stop me from being nice, it ain’t gon’ stop me from being Megan The Stallion driving the boat, doing the f*ck what I wanna do, having this good a** energy. Ain’t nobody gonna stop my energy from being good. But what I can’t do is keep putting my energy in a bunch of you motherf**kers.”


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