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Tiffany Evans

Source: Marcus Ingram / Contributor / Getty

In 2008, Tiffany Evans returned to the music scene and let us all know that she was grown, and far from her “Promise Ring” days. But now, the 26-year-old is back with her first single since her 2015 EP “All Me.” Watch the video below for her latest single, “Switch Up”:

Although the track was released in November, Tiffany recently dropped the video, which was directed by the “T.M.I.” singer, herself. And if you ask Evans, this breakup anthem is “another way of me saying “‘f*ck you’ to an ex’. It took me so long to finally say ‘I can’t do this anymore,’ I’m going out tonight and going to kick it with someone who’s going to show me a good time,” she said. The sultry tones and vulnerability in this song set the tone for the songwriter’s upcoming album, which she claims is her most personal arrangement of work yet.

In her last project, the former “Star Search” contestant put to music her experiences about coming into her own as a woman, and what she’s been through. Watch the full video below:

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