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Porsha Williams is gunning for a televised walk down the aisle after a recent Real Housewives of Atlanta episode revealed that her fiancé, Dennis McKinley, cheated on her during the couple’s first pregnancy.

At an appearance at the first-ever BravoCon in New York City, Porsha told her fans that while we’re watching her life playback painful memories, all is well in real-time.

“You will hopefully see me get married on television,” she said, according to PEOPLE.

Although the couple reunited in late summer, season 12 of RHOA opens with the couple taking a break from their whirlwind romance. Last week’s episode saw Porsha and Dennis face the cheating rumors head-on during a non-televised therapy session where Dennis ultimately confessed to having an affair while Porsha was pregnant with their daughter, Pilar Jhena, who is now seven months.

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“This journey that I’ve been on, in television, I have committed to it. I’m committed to whatever my truth is and that being told in my own way,” Porsha continued in her BravoCon interview.

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Earlier this year, their relationship appeared to be in a better space. The two set forth on a three-part special, Porsha’s Having a Baby, which documented the highs and lows of their birth journey.

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Fast forward. The new season brings a different storyline about their relationship.

“The beginning of the season was very hard on me,” she said. “But it was my reality at the time. It’s so embarrassing…I was just doing a baby special. I was just putting our relationship out there as this amazing thing. And then you get to this point that this is happening?”

Porsha said she hopes her journey can heal others as many women are living with the shared experience of forgiving an unfaithful lover.

“Just as we had a beautiful beginning, the ending could also be beautiful,” she said. “What we’re going through is reality,” she added. “Other people are going through it. By them seeing him take responsibility, me learning to forgive — all of that is something that will hopefully empower them.”