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R. Kelly’s live-in girlfriend, who once claimed that Kelly was not abusing her, is now allegedly claiming that he was.

In a series of Instagram posts and a longer post on Patreon, she revealed allegations of Kelly’s “controlling and abusive” behavior. She says he forced her to call him “Master” or “Daddy.” And, when she didn’t, “He grabbed me and choked me until I blacked out,” she said.

Savage also claimed that he got her pregnant twice but got abortions both times.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, she said of the situation, “I realized I was pregnant by this monster…Eventually, [when] I ended up getting an abortion, I was forced to get the surgery done at his house.”

She also revealed, per the Chicago Sun-Times, instances when Kelly peed on her “numerous times.”

In an Instagram post, she told her followers, “I’m sorry,” revealing that she had been lying about not being a victim of Kelly’s abuse.


She then followed with another Instagram video post that played Lizzo’s song, “Truth Hurts,” in the background with text that read, “THIS IS MY STORY” and “HE ALWAYS HATED THE TRUTH.”


Savage was 19 when she first met Kelly. Now, at 24, the woman who once publicly defended him now says that she was forced to say those things.

“[His staff] would starve me for days at a time until I learned [scripted lines] word-for-word,” she said.

Savage’s family has begged her for years to leave Kelly.


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“He needs to rot in jail,” her dad told Gayle King in an interview earlier this year.

Gerald Griggs, the Savage family attorney, said the family is concerned by Jocelyn’s new posts.

The new accusations come as Kelly is in jail, awaiting trial. He faces Federal and State sex crime charges, which include child pornography and allegations that he recruited underage girls and women to have sex with him.

Kelly has pleaded not guilty to all charges and is expected to go to trial in spring 2020.

In a statement to “Variety,” Kelly’s attorney, Steve Greenberg, denied Savage’s claims.

“It is unfortunate that Joycelyn now seeks to make money by exploiting her long time, loving relationship with Robert. Obviously, if she were to tell the truth, no one would pay, so she has, unfortunately, chosen to regurgitate the stories and lies told by others for her own personal profit. We know the real facts, and it was not until the money ran out that she decided anything was wrong.”

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