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NFL quarterback, Russell Wilson might have outdone his previous acts of celebrations when it comes to putting together his wife’s, Ciara’s birthday this year.

On Monday, October 25th was the “1, 2 Step” singer’s 36th birthday. And to celebrate his wife, Wilson took the singer to a romantic dinner.

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In a three-minute Instagram video, fans can see the couple in a glass elevator that can see the city of Seattle. As soon as they reach the top floor, the mother of three is taken aback.

“Woah,” says the 36-year-old.

Fans can be seen looking at her environment and admiring how beautiful the quarterback decorated the room. There were several candles, several bouquets of red and white roses. Lastly, a trail of rose petals covered the floor.

Getting further into the video, the father of three records his wife admiring the atmosphere, and eventually walking down some stairs to be surprised by another room filled with red, white, and black colored balloons.

“Oh my gosh,” the “Goodies” singer exclaims. “What the heck!”

Turning to her husband of five years, she adds to her excitement “this is amazing.”

Fans also commented on the video, complimenting how well the singer’s husband did.

One Instagram user commented, “He keeps a permanent smile on her face!!!”

Another fan commented, “Russell needs to start a class and teach men how to love a WOMAN happy birthday queen.”

As the night continues, the couple is being heard talking amongst themselves.

“So we have a special date night tonight me and you,” says the 32-year-old.

He continues “A little dinner on top of Seattle and a little movie time too. I know you love ‘The Crown’ so we’ll watch ‘The Crown’ and have some dessert and then some more dessert later. I love you.”

In the caption of the Instagram post, Ciara thanks her husband.

She writes “For loving me the way you do,” she continues. “I didn’t have much growing up, but I can say I had a lot of love. That feeling made me feel like I could conquer the world. That’ show you make me feel. Like a little girl all over again. I love you so much! #BirthDayGirl #Forever21 #SpaceNeedleForTwo.”


With his dedication post, he uploaded eight pictures some of the singer, some photos with her friends, and some family pictures. With the caption that reads “Perfect in every way.”


Fans continued to respond to the birthday celebration.

One fan writes “Baby number four tonight.”

The married couple has a blended family, Ciara has an older son shared with Atlanta-based rapper Future. The married couple also shares two children, a daughter born in 2017, and a son that was born last year.

The couple also celebrated their five-year marriage earlier this year.

Tell us how you think Russell did this year!

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