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Lil Nas X is hell-bent on beating Fifty Cent as one of the entertainment industry’s biggest trolls.


The “Old Town Road” rapper is doing something most people shy away from, he’s going on “Maury” to air out his personal business. The recently released trailer reveals just enough to get people’s attention. In the upcoming episode of “Maury,” Lil Nas X appears on the daytime TV show with his ex-boyfriend, dancer Yai Ariza, to sort out a love triangle depicted in his music video for “That’s What I Want.”


The hit single is from the album Montero, which dropped this past September. In the music video, Lil Nas X plays a football player who falls in love with a teammate. All seems well between the two until Lil Nas X finds out that his teammate turned-lover had a whole wife and kid he didn’t know existed. Yai Ariza plays the musician’s cheating love interest in the visual. 


Strangely enough, the trailer depicts Yai Ariza and the “Industry Baby” rapper hashing out a similarly complicated love triangle in this new Maury episode. The actress and child who played Yai’s wife and son in the “That’s What I Want” music video are also in the Maury trailer, and the group will find out whether Yai is really the child’s father. Did the two-time Grammy winner know all along?


Chocked full of the classic Maury “paternity test” entertainment we’re all used to, the messy drama-filled trailer shows Lil Nas X getting proposed to at some point. Hilariously, Maury asks, “Is Yai the dad… or will Montero get exactly what he wants?”


Since its inception in 1991, the authenticity of Maury has been debated. Maury Povich and the producer, however, maintain that the stories are real. “My show is for real, and these people, we check them out,” said talk show host Maury.


Despite Maury’s insistence that the show is real, there have been some reports of embellishments. In a Reddit AMA (ask me anything), a former intern disclosed that “the guests are actually real people. However, the guests get hyped up by the staff and are fed lines. Honestly, with a few exceptions, the guests were super nice but usually people in bad situations with terrible options.”


Whether this is a publicity stunt, a parody for the gram,’ or a real-life situation, this week’s episode is bound to be entertaining in that good old-fashioned Maury way. 


If you’re interested in watching, Maury featuring Lil Nas X airs on Nov. 17. 


Tell Us: Will you be watching? Do you think this is a publicity stunt or real-life drama?



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