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Photo by: Chelsea Lauren/Contributor

Sister, Sister actress, Tia Mowry posted on her Instagram account to share with fans the bod between her daughter, Cairo Hardrict, and her cousin Ariah Housley.

Ariah is the 6-year-old daughter of Tamera Mowry, the identical twin of Tia Mowry and her husband Adam Housley.

“These two are the sweetest together,” exclaimed Mowry-Hardrict in her Instagram post.

She continued.

“Watching them grow up together makes my heart melt. I’m so glad that Cairo has Ariah to look up to.”

Many fans began to point out how closely the cousins resemble each other.

“Those genes are strong, look at those beautiful faces,” stated one fan.

Another Instagram user said, “You can see the resemblance in their features.”

Several people mentioned that Cairo and Ariah look similar because their mothers are identical twins, and they are technically genetically half-siblings.

Identical twins, also known as monozygotic twins, are the result of a single egg being fertilized twice and sharing all its genes, according to the National Genome Research Institute.

The Mowry sisters affirmed they were identical twins in 2013 while filming their reality show, after years of speculation based on their striking physical similarities. They realized that they were unsure if they were identical twins or fraternal twins due to the lack of medical records proving so.

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Photo by: Araya Doheny/ Contributor / Getty

An Instagram user commented, “Practically Sisters from a genetic standpoint! (Twins) love they have that bond! They are so beautiful. You and Tamara did good! Oh, and Corey and Adam too! Lol.”

“As their mothers are identical twins, their kids are genetically half-siblings,” another fan said.

Tell us in the comment section if you think these cousins look like twins! Let us know if you knew that children of identical twins are half-siblings.

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