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According to lawsuit documents obtained by TMZ, a Las Vegas limousine driver is suing the Migos artist. The driver, whose name wasn’t released, didn’t specify the damages he’s seeking. However, the driver is looking to collect from Quavo, Migos Touring Inc. and the Virgin Hotel, per legal documents.

The lawsuit states that on July 3, Quavo and his crew physically attacked a driver. Apparently, the violent incident occurred during a scheduled pick-up. The driver was hired to transport Quavo and his crew from a Vegas nightclub to the Virgin Hotel. Lawsuit documents state that the group immediately got active when the driver accidentally left someone from the group.


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When the driver tried to calm everyone, someone told him to “shut the up.” Then, the passengers hit the driver with a bottle. The driver said up to five people were repeatedly punching and kicking him. He appeared “riddled with injuries,” TMZ reported.

He stated in his lawsuit that both hotel staff and security employees witnessed the beatdown. However, none of the employees stepped in to stop the fight. Instead, the lawsuit says the staff fled inside the hotel for safety reasons.

Quavo has not publicly responded to the lawsuit. This is a developing story.