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Mara Brock Akil’s renowned and hilarious series Girlfriends served as the ideal image for the successful African-American woman.

The hit show was everyone’s favorite since it blended a variety of personalities, styles, and career choices.

Based in Los Angeles, the sitcom followed the lives of four main characters, Joan, Maya, Toni, and Lynn had a sisterly link. Yet, their stories were different, demonstrating the endless possibilities of navigating through life relatable.

Girlfriends aired on UPN, The CW, for eight seasons between 2000 and 2008. While the show’s finale upset many, the characters will live on in our hearts.

Here’s how CLEO TV is forever thankful for our girlfriends: Joan, Maya, Toni, and Lynn!


Our girl Joan Clayton is a character who helped us with many life experiences, whether they were joyous or painful.

Portrayed by actress Tracee Ellis Ross, Joan was the crew’s HGIC and was a successful attorney navigating the ups and downs of her job, relationships, and friendships in downtown Los Angeles.

Joan was also the most corporate of the four and the most uptight.

The Cast of Girlfriends

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Joan’s love life is a constant struggle throughout the series, as she battles the doubts that she can have it all.

She was quirky, energetic, and occasionally cheesy, but she’s the glue that binds the group together and the kind of best friend that we all need.

But honestly, who could be upset with her? She was living the girl boss life and had good intentions.


Oh Toni, how we love our bad and bougie friend!

Toni Childs, played by Jill Marie Jones, is unquestionably the modern-day Hillary Banks. Toni and Joan grew raised in Fresno, California, together. And, despite her humble roots (she grew up on a farm), she is far from being a humble woman.

The Cast of Girlfriends

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Toni’s and Joan’s long-standing friendship is tested throughout the series, and we’re all left wondering if it can ever be restored.

Although Toni is arrogant, vain, model-like, and constantly comes for Mya and her son, she’s a sensitive spirit underneath it all.

Thank you, Toni, for keeping us up on the latest fashion!


Mya Wilkes is one of our favorites around the way, friends!

Played by actress Golden Brooks, Mya was the homegirl you didn’t want to mess with.

Although this Compton native was bold and quick-witted, she was also hardworking and unafraid to be herself.


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She was Joan’s brilliant, hilarious Compton buddy who started as Joan’s law company assistant. Few people can claim to have developed a genuine friendship with their boss.

Mya always had us laughing, but she was never afraid to tell it like it was, especially when it came to relationship counseling.

We will always appreciate Mya for her honesty.


You always need an artsy friend like Lynn Searcy when you look at friend groups!

Portrayed by actress Persia White, Lynn was a free-spirited, artsy, bohemian girlfriend with a penchant for sensual romance.

She met Toni and Joan while attending UCLA, and as a bi-racial child, it wasn’t until she met them that she learned to embrace her black side.

She also made us laugh with her journey of self-discovery while attempting to keep stable work. She had numerous degrees in various professions, but her true calling was film and music production.


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Lynn’s fearlessness and carefree attitude is something we admire and love. Despite coming from a wealthy family, she stuck to her beliefs and self-discovery journey.

As young black teenagers and women, Girlfriends was a show that many of us could connect to.

Girlfriends is the show that has successfully taught this generation that no matter what was going on in their lives, whether things were going well or not, they would always need their sisters.

To the cast and production team behind this great show, we thank you!

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