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Cover Girl’s IT girl is making her return!

The partnership between Queen Latifah and CoverGirl has come full circle. The legendary make-up brand announced on May 9th that Queen Latifah will return to work with them.

The Equalizer star has signed a multi-year deal with the brand and will be the face of a new line.

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“You know what they say…Once a COVERGIRL always a COVERGIRL,” Latifah tweeted. “It is such an honor to be back with the @COVERGIRL family and be able to work alongside boundary-pushing, diverse, and game-changing women.”

In 2001, Latifah worked with CoverGirl and launched several makeup collections for the company, including Clean Foundation and Outlast Lipcolor.

She then launched the Queen Collection with CoverGirl in January 2006, which was one of the first prominent cosmetics lines to cater to darker complexion tones.

Photo by: Douglas A. Sonders/WireImage for Proctor & Gamble

The Queen collection was inspired by a fan who commented on the lack of the brand’s inclusivity.

“The woman came up to me and was like, ‘I’m so happy for you and CoverGirl. I love that, but I wish ya’ll made a shade in my complexion,’” she recalled. “I [thought], ‘okay, let’s go make a shade in your complexion.’ I thought, why am I CoverGirl if we can’t get our different shades,” Latifah shared in an interview with Essence.

Photo by: Douglas A. Sonders/WireImage for Proctor & Gamble

Stefano Curti, the chief brands officer of consumer beauty at Coty, the brand’s parent company, released a statement sharing how the new partnership is a “no-brainer.”

“Bringing back Queen Latifah to the COVERGIRL family was a no-brainer for us,” Curti said.

He added, “Latifah is one of the most powerful voices of our generation, and we are thrilled to join her in her endeavors to inspire and evoke change. She has helped us evolve the brand to include products that help women and men of all ages and skin tones live their true selves with beauty that fit their needs. The future is big for COVERGIRL and Queen Latifah.”

The Newark native shared her excitement for her return.

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“It feels like a full circle moment to be back with my COVERGIRL family,” the 52-year-old stated.

She continued: “I’m excited to reconnect and collaborate with them once again to bring inclusivity to the forefront every step of the way, from product creation to ad development to product dissemination. I’m excited to be back and look forward to what we can create together!”

We are excited to see what they’ll give us this time around!

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