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A group of millennials get involved in a study about romantic relationships within the Black community. Each of them are paid to share the struggles they’ve had while dating. Throughout the study, they start to open up about intimate secrets that reveal deceit within their friendship circle.

Meet the cast of Tough Love: Los Angeles.

1. Tough Love LA

Tough Love LA Source:CLEO TV

Lance A. Williams (Brian), Lauren Wilkins (Mya), Javon Terrell (Raymond), Kamri Cole (Story), Jamy Pierrevil (Rashad), Symphony Canady (Denise)

2. Lauren Wilkins as Mya

Tough Love LA Source:CLEO TV

Mya (Lauren Wilkins) is a Black woman in her late 20s/early 30s. Mya lost her brother to police brutality and is coming up on the one year anniversary of his death. Mya still wants justice and because she hasn’t gotten it, she’s often sad and depressed. She’s also spent many years in a toxic relationship with Rashad, who continuously gets caught entertaining other women.

3. Kamri Cole as Story

Tough Love LA Source:CLEO TV

Story (Kamri Cole) is a Black woman in her late 20s. Story has decided to be celibate despite her immense appetite for sex. After years of sleeping around with different men, she realizes there’s a void missing, and the only way to fill it is to put her sex life on pause. Story does, however, continue to date and even decides to pursue one of their friends, Raymond, in a very unconventional way.

4. Symphony Canady as Denise

Tough Love LA Source:CLEO TV

Denise (Symphony Canady) is a Black woman in her late 20s/early 30s. She’s in a long-term healthy, relationship with her fiancé Brian. Brian caters to her every need, but she often doesn’t know how to return the love. Denise struggles with showing affection, being supportive, and being selfless but Brian still loves her, despite it all. Denise has a great career, a great man, but is often seen as “the bougie friend with too much attitude.”

5. Jamy Pierrevil as Rashad

Tough Love LA Source:CLEO TV

Rashad (Jamy Pierrevil) is a Black man in his early 30s. Rashad considers himself to be a hustler, but others would call him a scammer. He’s been sleeping with Mya for years now, and although he has strong feelings for her, his lifestyle won’t allow him to give her the serious relationship that she desires. He also has a tumultuous relationship with his brother Raymond, which often causes hugh blowouts.

6. Javon Terrell as Raymond

Tough Love LA Source:CLEO TV

Raymond (Javon Terrell) is a Black man in his late 20s/early 30s. Raymond is Rashad’s brother, and many see them as polar opposites. Raymond is educated and in the process of building a successful career for himself. However, his love life is extremely unstable. He’s dating several different women, many of which are not Black. This upsets all of his female friends and is the cause of several group debates. Throughout the season, he finds himself being catfished through a dating app.

7. Lance Williams as Brian

Tough Love LA Source:CLEO TV

Brian (Lance Williams) is a Black man in his late 20s. Brian is a creative entrepreneur who has a new card game that’s slowly growing into a successful business. He’s also extremely dedicated to his fiancé, Denise, and giving her the love she didn’t receive throughout her childhood. He’s considered the rock of their friend group and a great guy.