The hire follows the resignation of former editor-in-chief Alexi McCammond due to racially insensitive tweets.


"What's wrong with that," LisaRaye said defending the former host.


When it comes to Black culture, these two had the 90s on lock!

Civil Rights & Social Justice

The Milwaukee Bucks take a stand and strike the NBA Playoff Games against the Orlando Magic.

When joining a franchise such as the Housewives brand, you're expected to bring the drama. At the same time, when you're the only Black woman on the show, you're critiqued through a much harsher lens.

Ex-casting producer Jazzy Collins accused ABC's popular romance reality show of only choosing “ethnically ambiguous” women of color as contestants.

In the wake of Black Lives Matter protests, the Quaker Oats breakfast brand, along with Uncle Ben's Rice, are finally ridding themselves of their racist caricatures.

Celebrate Juneteenth the right way, with social distancing in mind!

Gabrielle Union was reportedly fired from America's Got Talent after speaking up about racism and sexism on the show. "They only replace the women and Blacks," a source says.