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Pure Leaf is teaming up with actress and singer phenomenon Coco Jones for another campaign that enforces the power of “no.” If you’ve had trouble asserting yourself, maintaining boundaries, and standing firmly on your “no,” stay tuned because the Bel-Air actress empowers you with the appropriate jargon to get your point across.

Last year Jones showed us the importance of maintaining firm boundaries with Pure Leaf’s Subtly Sweet hotline. This time around, the ICU crooner will star in “As Seen on Pure Leaf” an in-faux-mercial that gives you points on how to say no in a subtly sweet way.

No is a full sentence.

In an exclusive interview, Jones gives examples of how she’s had to deliver her no’s in a subtly sweet way. She also dives into upcoming projects, while celebrating the success of her EP.

Saying no doesn’t come easily to everyone, and it’s usually an indication that a person lacks boundaries. Thanks to Pure Leaf, and with the help of the 25-year-old singer, fans can discover ways to say no confidently.

“I learned how to subtly say no without being too harsh; it’s the smile. It’s the tone. And then also maybe sometimes it requires a little explanation. ‘Oh, I already made a prior commitment,’ or ‘I’m already overextending myself in these areas, so I can’t,’ you know what I’m saying? Sometimes it’s just a little bit about understanding the why, and then we leave it at.”

When it comes to exercising her no, Jones says she’s become more transparent with her style and working with her team. Because her career constantly has her in the public eye, working with stylists who understand her taste in fashion makes everyone’s job easier. But there are times when the singer has to step up and say no to certain outfits, despite her stylist’s expertise.

“Sometimes with stylists and the hair and makeup, they get you, you build this rapport with them, and then they’re comfortable with you, and you guys have a blast together. And then they’re like, this is what I see for you. And I’m like, ehhhh,” she says.

“This is tough because I love them as people, and we work together so much. So we get comfortable, but then I have to go back to who I am, my core, my intuition, and let them down in a sense. You know, which sometimes can be tough to do, but at the end of the day, the people that love you and care for you and value you won’t be bothered by a no,” she continued.

What’s next?

Jones is on a career high that’s beautiful to see. The last time I spoke to the artist she was preparing for the release of her EP and started filming the second season of Bel-Air. Now Jones is on the other side of it all, basking in her success.

“Right now, I’m working on my debut album. I did my debut EP and then the deluxe version. And, of course, the next step would be the debut album. I don’t know when that would be out because it’s like, I should focus on this EP that’s doing so well. It’s about timing and seeing what makes sense for my career and the journey of this EP. And then also what songs my audience gravitates to when I perform. I’m doing a bunch of festivals this summer and hopefully somebody’s tour as well, touring with another well-established artist to learn more about what my fans gravitate towards. That will help me with creating my EP,” Jones says.


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