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B.A.P.S star, Halle Berry sparked a debate amongst fans after crowning Cardi B as her “Queen of Hip-Hop.”

The two women have teamed up as executive producers of the soundtrack for Berry’s first self-directed film Bruised, which Berry also stars in. During the film’s premiere, Berry gave a special shout-out to the Bronx native.


“I want to say thank you today to Cardi B,” exclaims Berry. “She was my partner in crime. I reached out to her, of course, she’s the Queen of Hip-Hop, I reached out to Cardi and we paired and we created, I think, a soundtrack and an album that is not only historic, but I think is a beautiful backdrop for the story.”

The Barbz, fans of rapper Nicki Minaj didn’t take this shout-out lightly, and the debate of which rapper is the true “Queen of Hip-Hop” ensued.

“Nicki Minaj was called the Queen of Rap by the Beyoncé and Jay Z called her the female version of him,” one Barb wrote. “And yall mad about Halle Berry? [crying laughing emoji]”

Another fan tweeted, “It’s the pause for “the one and only Queen of Hip-Hop…. NICKI MINAJ” Winnie understood the assignment Face with tears of joy. someone go educate Halle Berry.”

The Bodak Yellow rapper, took to Twitter to address the frenzy, and defended the 55-year-old while promoting the film.

“I know how some of you girls like to tussle over this typa childish sh**… but ntm on Halle Berry,” the 29-year-old tweeted. “Anyway her movie #BRUISED dropping THAT SHE DIRECTED HERSELF on Netflix on November 24th. The FIRST female rap movie soundtrack!! we produced together out this FRIDAY!”


Not changing her statement during a Jimmy Kimmel Live! interview, Berry confirms that she stated what she meant. However, she did give an explanation for her statement.

ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" - Season 19

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What we need to know: Nicki is a queen in her own right,” the Bruised star continued. “H.E.R. is a queen. All these ladies to me are queens. There can always be more than one.”

The Cleveland native finished her explanation by giving her own definition of the term that has fans in a frenzy.

“Queen is a term that we use to describe great. You know, we’re all a queen. All we do all day is say, ‘Hey queen!’ ‘What’s up, queen?’ ‘Yeah, queen!’ ‘What’s happening, queen?’… Queen, queen, queen, queen, queen. We’re all queens.”

As Madamenoire reported, the Bruised soundtrack will be the first all-female hip-hop soundtrack for a sports drama film. The soundtrack will include City Girls, Cardi B, Rhapsody, Saweetie, and Young M.A.

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