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Valentine’s Day is usually about putting your love on display (think: Russell Wilson and Ciara), but for Jess Hilarious and Kountry Wayne, that only last but a short moment. Yesterday, both comedians took to their individual Instagram accounts to post each other, and show off how boo’d up they were.

But according to The Hollywood Unlocked, just one hour after posting, The “Rel” star posted again announcing she had parted ways with her beau of reportedly a few weeks. “And just like that, you cut off…NO TIES but thanks for the house & all the NEW FURNITURE MOTHAF*** pics coming soon,” she said in the caption. It was almost as if there was no relationship. Yikes!

But, if you can post and delete so quick, should you have even posted in the first place? Social media is a great place to brag on you and bae, but it’s also a place where people, whether they want to or not, get invested in your personal business. And by them being nosy, it only further perpetuates the need to preserve what’s left of your private affairs. And even that rarely happens because you end up giving away details after it’s over to protect yourself.

So this raises the question, when should you post about your significant other on social media? There are some who prefer to wait six months to a year, or even wait until they’re engaged to highlight their #MCM or #WCW, which is fair because there’s so much that could be left up to speculation if the connection isn’t even solid, without adding Internet opinions into the mix.

These two put their relationship status out there for the world to see at the top of the year, and have been defending it ever since. According to Bossip, after posting the Baltimore native on his account, Kountry has persistently denied his marital status to estranged wife, Gena Colley, who openly admitted the two are still legally together.

And even Jessica Moore (her government) won’t allow her name to be slandered by being called a “homewrecker,” and other things by people who don’t even know the situation. But what others think has never stopped her from speaking her mind before. Remember just last week when she clapped back at a social media user who came for her career?

Granted, we don’t know the reason for the breakup, but clearly, there wasn’t much love lost. The father of nine had no problem explaining that he used both Colley and Hilarious for a “come up,” which is so questionable and disrespectful.

And Jess, girl, you dodged a huge bullet, so shout out to you!

TELL US: Do you think Kountry Wayne’s career will get a boost from this?

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